« Our purpose is to help our clients from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries design and execute their international expansion strategies with a focus on finding and building strategic alliances with European and UK businesses »

Brice Lecat, CEO/Founder

Who are we?

Xpand Advisors is a privately owned international business expansion advisory firm based out of Bahrain and Luxembourg.

We have been supporting bi-lateral trading activities between Europe and the Gulf for almost 20 years, and we specialize in helping GCC companies expand globally by finding and forming strategic partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures with European businesses.

Brice LECAT CEO & Founder

François-Xavier DEPIREUX Founding Partner

Brice Lecat and François-Xavier Depireux
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How do we work ?

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  • We work with company boards, executive management teams and international business agencies in a highly confidential and pragmatic manner.
  • Your success is our goal, and our capabilities are strong of talented and experienced analysts as well as business developers in the Gulf and Europe.
  • The whole team is ready to support you and your shareholders in your international development journey with creative thinking, pragmatic innovation, and flexibility at the core of all our engagements.

How can we help you ?

You partner with us to design your international expansion strategy, unlocking new opportunities and markets, and we enable you to achieve your global potential with our end-to-end senior advisory and co-execution services.

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8 reasons why you should work with us !

International Recognition

You leverage 20+ years of proven track record in supporting bi-lateral trading activities between Europe and the Gulf.


You access a unique set of operational design and execution skills cutting across all aspect of corporate expansion strategies.

Trusted network

You connect with a network of over 3,000+ trusted business partners that bring a variety of top-end services, branded products, technologies, markets intelligence and expertise.

Market access

You gain access to the GCC and the European markets, and you benefit from ‘niche’ and sophisticated internationalization services.


You acquire our sector-agnostic ability to work across all industries.


You meet us in our offices in both Europe and the Gulf.


You feel our values: trust, commitment, and confidentiality.


You build a results-oriented growth relationship with trusted advisors.

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Our core expertise and services

Brice Lecat and François-Xavier Depireux

International expansion

  • International market entry
  • Business development strategy
  • Distribution network and strategic alliances
  • Board representation and senior management support
  • Strategic sourcing

Finance and Investments

  • Targeted investments research / assets identification
  • Currency strategy and hedging tactics
  • Debt and equity sourcing
  • International financial management
  • Profitability enhancement

Brice Lecat

CEO / Founder

“Our Purpose Is To Help Our Clients Design And Execute Their International Expansion Strategies”

After 20 years of international ventures in financial services, strategic business development and corporate banking in global, regional and local capacities, on 4 continents spanning across Asia, UK, Europe and the Middle East mostly with HSBC, Brice decided, jointly with Francois - Xavier Depireux, CEO and Founder of LD Export, to create Xpand Advisors: an international business expansion advisory firm based out of Bahrain with operations in Luxembourg and Poland.

Throughout his international banking career, Brice has gained a proven business growth track record and has enjoyed frontline leadership roles where innovative, bridging, and structured solutions for his clients have always prevailed. Prior to joining HSBC, Brice worked as a research analyst for an Equity Arbitrage Hedge-Fund which management entity was based in London.

His strategic approach is both people and client focused, and his leadership style is inclusive, collaborative and demanding. Passionate about building teams, he champions diversity in the workplace and thoroughly enjoys working with some of the largest local and international businesses operating across MENAT and beyond. He has also developed a genuine interest in ESG, digital, and innovation matters, and he is a Sustainability Leader.

Brice holds a MSc in Finance from the Institut Superieur du Commerce of Paris, and obtained a major in corporate finance, investments, and financial markets from the European Business School in London. French national, Brice is married, he has 6 children and lives with his family in Bahrain. Keen sportsman, he enjoys sailing, rugby, tennis, skiing as well as running. Keen reader and chess player, he has a very curious mind and enjoys social interactions.

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Brice Lecat

François-Xavier Depireux

Founding Partner

“After 20 years spent helping European and UK businesses enter, grow and develop in the GCC, it has become apparent that business and institutional players from the Middle East are equally ambitious to export their know-how and uncover opportunities outside their home markets. This is the very reason why Brice and I have created Xpand Advisors”

François-Xavier Depireux is a Belgian-born entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of LD Export, a company dedicated to international business development. With two decades of experience in the Gulf Countries, he has successfully assisted numerous European companies in expanding their presence in the region.

After completing his international business academics, François-Xavier embarked on a mission to promote high- quality European goods and services to the Gulf Market. His journey began with helping local businesses realize their international potential, and it has since evolved into a career spanning 20 years. Over the years, he has led hundreds of successful missions, facilitating partnerships and growth for European companies in the Middle East.

François-Xavier's skills are truly sector-agnostic, making him a valuable resource for businesses across a wide range of industries. His global expertise and adaptable approach enable him to excel in diverse sectors, ensuring success for his clients.

In addition to his role as CEO and Founder, François-Xavier serves as a board member of several prestigious organizations. This multifaceted involvement allows him to contribute his insights and expertise to foster growth and development in various sectors.

François-Xavier is widely recognized as a well-known speaker among European

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